The confident lines
of malika favre

An artist who knows how to turn sharp geometry and bold color into sensual, playful, elegant imagery

“Minimal, bold, stylish!” is best expressed by Malika Favre’s trademark red lips

Malika Favre is an illustrator whose work is praised by the professional community and adored by fans all over the world. The talented, hard-working artist is in demand and justly so. New Yorker, Vogue, Penguin Books are just some of the clients she mentions on her website.

We are fascinated by the way she works with the perspective, geometric proportions and colour. Her angles are exactly right for creating titilating compostions, images that engage and stick with you. Her elegant confident lines prodce serenity and clarity as she gracefully composes extraordinary schemes of interlocking forms. The flat design of a Malika Favre image, its controlled emotion channel order and poised tranquillity. Plunge into her world if you wish to cool off. For this entry of our Female Artists series we asked Mlle Favre about her favourite things and current projects.


Apart from drawing which in itself makes me incredibly joyful most of the time, I love travelling. I started exploring the world in my late twenties when I finally set up as an independent illustrator and it since became a crucial part of my life. I also get a lot of joy from eating so if you don’t find me on a plane somewhere or working in my studio I am probably in a nice restaurant.


I have started discovering South African fashion lately and the profusion of colours and patterns make it a really exciting scene. Also I just came back from trip around Brazil and South America which will definitely influence my work in the upcoming months. Rio de Janeiro was fascinating.

Favourite letters from kamasutra project (2013)

My favourite letter is the Orb, it feels so self contained and strong and has something very pleasing about it. I also love the Whisper’s cheekiness (W). This one was the last one I draw and I decided to really go for it and push it as far as I could. It is probably the naughtiest one of all along with the S. I also love the Luscious Ladder and its impossible curves.

Crazy horse

I am currently developing a series of illustrations based on the Crazy Horse for an exhibition project. I was actually invited to the show a couple of years ago by a dancer who loved my work and I couldn’t have been more surprised. I was expecting traditional cabaret with its degree of cheesiness ( not always my thing) and over the top songs but instead I was sitting in front of a very futuristic and edgy show. The lighting especially is stunning and the overall vibe is extremely sexy and modern. I couldn’t take my eyes of the stage and left the show knowing I wanted to work with them. I met the director of the cabaret not long after and we decided to explore the possibility of doing something together. It never happened for collateral reasons but I still want to develop the series for myself.

A parisian in london

I definitely feel like a parisian in London, my adopted city and I don’t think it will ever change. I have a love/hate relationship to both Paris and London in fact and my perfect city would probably be somewhere in the middle. I think the erotic part of my work is very French in a sense : as a nation, we are very open minded about sex and have a very sexually open culture ( books/movies etc..) When I think about Paris I think about sophistication and taste. When it comes to London I think about eccentricity and fun. I feel that both cities are reflected in my work.

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