in bosch’s

Have you ever got a feeling while examining the famous Bosch's painting that you were looking at the sex shop's showcase? Well, we sure did! Studying the inventive, absurd and sometimes kinky fragments of the famous piece we managed to find their numerous echoes in our modern life and create a special everyday guide for fulfilling your artful fantasies.
A flower butt plug is a nice present yet after a few times it's left in the the chest of drawers gathering the dust. For something truly amazing try this — a penis-shaped vase from the brilliant postmodernist Ettore Sottsass. Made since 1973 this vase is available in ceramic version for 160 € or gold ceramic for 750 € at
The blueberry-shaped mask (think of berry-version of Chipollino) is okay for some domination games but our modern times cry for a more strict and impressive source of inspiration. Like this one — BDSM-mask from Alexander McQueen. It's not for sale, but you can experience its' power at Metropolitan Art Museum.
The breathtaking paddle from Agent Provocateur — no musical effect like on Bosch's painting but it's multiple crystals are a nice substitute. £395 at
Lelo sex toys' designers are amazingly inventive when it comes to simple forms and objects. What Bosch viewed as mountain in Heaven comes as a small yet unbelievably handy clitoral vibrator in Lelo's catalog. $189 at
A not very expensive variation on Geisha balls disguised this time as a pair cherries. 19,9 € at
It's a shame they don't sell anal beads at Jheronimus Bosch Art Center for true art lovers so we had to find something extremely similar yet under the "50 Shades of Grey" brand. £24.99 at
People should be dating more — thankfully, there is a special app for this called Pure. Surprisingly enough, its' name is similar to our own. Hmm.... anyway,