From the
sublime to
the surreal

Inventive Polish-born artist challenges the ways naked body is depicted and perceived in contemporary photography. Her sexually charged series invite the viewer to the world of expression, passion and sensuality.

Aneta and her father, from “DAD” series

Do you think the spread of porn imagery has changed the way people perceive nudes in art?

There is a big difference between art and pornography. Pornography has no artistic merit and the focus is uninvolving. It portrays sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal to provide instant gratification. Unlike pornography, sex in art stirs other emotions and can carry meanings and messages that are often not about sex itself. I do feel that the adult industries, which are now so highly available to any viewer, can numb the perception of intimacy.

How elaborate is the preparation for the shoot?

There isn’t much preparation other than picking the location for the shoot and packing the equipment. Most of my images I envision in my mind. I sometimes gather some inspiration imagery of poses cut from different sources to make it more-simple for my models to visualize and achieve the pose. I shoot very fast and I often use one to two polaroids per image. If it’s an outdoor shoot then the majority of time is spent getting to locations and back. It always feels like a day trip rather than a photo shoot.

How do your models react when you approach them with ideas for the photograph?

My models are my artist friends. They are enthusiastic about my work so they are eager to be a part of my vision.

Have you ever exhibited in Poland? If yes, what was the reaction to your nudes?

I don’t think of my work as nudes. I don’t ever hear of Lucian Freud’s work being categorized in this restrained matter. It seems like a sluggish description. My work was only exhibited few times in Poland. The reaction I got was very complementary.

Do you think your work is best understood in a museum setting or in privacy? In other words would you, like Fragonard, choose for the images to glimmer in the boudoir rather then shine at the Academy?

My work has a place in both venues. It is great to be able to view the same artwork in different spaces and see how perhaps different it might feel. No reason to limit yourself.

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